Go PropertyHop

Previous drafts​​​​​​​
Go PropertyHop
Recreated the overall logo for Go PropertyHop, a short-term rental service company based in San Jose, CA. 
The mascot prior to this version was a grasshopper, therefore, much of my creative process was based on that for the majority of this project. Eventually, the client wished to go for a style that was more minimalistic and modern. I chose to recreate a new emblem of the classic "pin" icon that we know of, but make it my own. I focused on the motion of a line looping itself as means from getting from "point A to point B."
The goal was to compliment the idea of growth for potential buyers/renters since their services involve short-term rental services. A cycle of in-and-out. Go PropertyHop strives to keep their customers happy by displaying a high level of professionalism, but also assuring cleanliness, safety, and quality for buyers AND renters.
(Website is still set in beta)
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