Hey there! c:
My name is Christine Alfonso and I am a graphic designer and illustrator based in the heart of Silicon Valley. Studying art, design, and photography has taught me that it is not, solely, about making things beautiful to the objective eye, but to bring forth something more important in life - awareness. It is easy to stay in the loop of today's trends, but it is extremely important to look around and capture the beauty of culture and community. The inability to be aware of your environments has brought me to this cycle of disconnection with life. I have assisted a number of local and independent businesses with branding. I listen to their amazing stories and bring them to life. Overall, I am passionate about seeking creative directions while still solving problems.
I dream of traveling around the world in hopes of filling my knowledge and soul about different cultures. To seek what makes us connected, no matter how we categorize ourselves, is what I strive to learn as a designer – as an individual. 
Thank you!
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