F A S T 1 2 V O L T

Redesigned the logo, created a business card and typeface for a professional installation service company for automotive vehicles. Fast12Volt focuses their services on electronic installations such as: cameras, speakers, GPS trackers, and more. They ensure quality service and offer packing labor times for various installations. I explored different creative approaches with the emphasis of motion. After having a deeper understanding of speed and motion, I took initiative of creating an original typeface. Both "speed" and "motion" are classic metaphors to the automotive culture and the representation of quick, quality service. 
I was inspired by those two words to create a style that compliments the form of a lightning bolt. Any concept that dealt with movement contributed to the process of the design, the build, and overall shape of each letter. Due to the form and shape of the logo, I wanted to focus on minimalism for the typography. 
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