Big Dreamers Basketball

Designed the official logo for Big Dreamers Basketball. Originally, there would be a subtext saying, "Never Stop Chasing," but instead I worked on the visual message of that rather than planting the text somewhere. The mascot of the logo is of a little boy laying on a cloud while effortlessly spinning a basketball. The direction of this work was influenced by the key ideas of youth, play, and dreams, all of which tied into this theme of the overall business. As for the color palette of the logo, the inspiration derives from the red and orange Spalding basketball. My older brother usedd to have one of the basketballs as he used to play competitively in high school! 
Big Dreamers Basketball is a youth basketball program founded by coach Ryan Tran. He has 10+ years of playing experience and is passionate about advanced level basketball and loves working with individuals of all ages, especially the youth. Ryan started this business to make it an inclusive space for everyone to learn the important principles and growth mindset of sports. His services offer individual to group training sessions and he even works with school teams with training.
concepts & rough drafts
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